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​​​​​​I have been servicing the Metropolitan Phoenix, Area Since 1979. Started Trina's Precision Pet Grooming in 1985. I am Strictly a Mobile Pet Groomer/Styler. IPG Certified. Offering Pet and Show grooming, training, and handling services to clientele only.

Here are the extraordinairy services that I offer​

​A fully self -contained mobile unit brought to you

for the comfort of you and your pet.

Grooming services include ears,

nails, anal glands,

bath, blow dried, finalizing your dog

or cats hairstyle with a scissor finish.

I groom All Breeds of Dogs. All groomings are

completed with a brush out ,combed out ,

including a deshedding process, nails, ears ,

anal glands as possible. All pets blow dryed,

complete with a sanitary cut, scissor finished

upon needed  or requested

Most well-mannered small pets under 20 Ibs. in good condition with a short one length all over with minimum scissoring are completed in 60 minutes. Included is drive to you and your pet within 10 miles $85.00 for each pet/ per hour   ,$1.40 a minute there after. Time starts when I arrive. Additional 10.00 for 11 miles plus. 

I also have Ala Carte services for those fur parents that just need a Nail Trim/Filed $25.00, Anal Glands $20.00. There is a Ala Carte trip fee of $35.00 for this service, plus service requested.

Aggressive pets there is additional $25.00 service fee. I will muzzle as needed to keep me and your pet safe. Otherwise, you will need to visit your vet to get the necessary sedation for me to safely groom your pet.

Due to the increase of people not assisting in the comfort of there pets grooming, there will be a additional $20.00 clean up charge. ( It is really hard on dogs that are housebroken when they need to go to the bathroom.)

Thank you for your understanding.... your assistance is greatly appreciated by your dog & I.     Ms. Trina L Musick

If you have a addition pet(s) that needs these nails and gland with a full grooming pet, there is no trip fee. I  gladly groom all breeds of dogs, cats, birds and horses from A to Z. All pets are priced per 60 minutes any pet that needs more time due to hairstyle, size, coat condition, behavioral training, additional fees will apply.  Prices may vary due to location and time needed for your pet(s).

Priced at $85.00 per pet for the first hour. 1.40 there after.

Nail Trim/Filed $25.00

Anal Glands $20.00
Hand stripping $85.00 per hour.
Training $5.00 per minute
Potty Walk needed? $25.00 before or after grooming as necessary.

For Advance Payment or a Gift for Family or Friend ,

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